About Schibsted


Schibsted Tech Polska is a technological centre for innovation and software development. We are part of Schibsted Media Group with 6.900 employees in 29 countries worldwide. We deliver high-quality solutions based on the latest web, mobile and smart TV technologies, employing lightweight software development methodologies. Our main area of operations involves the media – a highly dynamic industry, subject to constant changes and rapid transformations. Therefore, we aim not only to react immediately to fluctuations in the market, but also to shape tomorrow’s media today


Here at Schibsted Tech Polska we are creating a new quality in media communications. We operate in the sphere of information, business and widely understood R&D. Our main activities involve developing websites and mobile applications used for spreading content belonging to the largest Scandinavian media groups. We also work in mobile ecosystems, focusing primarily on Android, iOS and Windows environments. We want the recipients of the provided content to have access to news on every platform – ranging from traditional PCs to tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and other solutions.

Our goal is to address the ever-changing needs of millions of customers who use our software and services. We don’t merely follow the emerging trends on the global media market: we are the people who actually create those trends. We are open to new ideas and we constantly keep our eye on all the latest trends and technological novelties. Our teamwork approach allows us to achieve results which prove the high quality of the services offered by Schibsted Tech Polska.

We tend to look at our work as being in essence good fun, coding, testing and perfecting the design of our concepts, which in turn translates into top-notch products delivered to the end users. We are changing the face of the media, press and television, but also that of web solutions, mobile devices and smart TV. We apply the principles of Lean Management throughout the whole process of product development – from the idea to the completed solution. We base our work on business analysis, implementing and developing software in short iterations and an empirical process of feedback collection


We work closely with many Scandinavian partners. Our main language of communication is English and international videoconferences, joint daily stand-ups, sprint planning and retrospectives appear regularly in our agenda. Direct contact with our partners also plays a crucial role in our clarity of communication, our business, our development and the general shape of our relationships. We often visit Scandinavia to take part in workshops and our partners frequently join us in Kraków to work together on programming issues and share their extensive knowledge with us.

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