Project Manager
Published January 19, 2021

Working with a higher purpose

At Schibsted we care not only about what we do but also how it affects people and the environment around us.

Each of us can make a difference and as a community of Schibsted people, our impact is even bigger. That’s why each year we pick together a different charity cause that we’re supporting throughout the year, and 2020 wasn’t any different. We decided to help Hospice for Children in Lesser Poland and Pomeranian.

1. KUDOS to support charity and fight covid #charity

Kudos is our way to say thank you to colleagues and make sure that all good work is recognized. Usually, the kudos voucher could be exchanged for a coffee card or a cinema ticket. However, two years ago we introduced a new option – a 20 PLN donation to a selected charity. The result was heart-melting with 100 donations and 2 000 PLN raised only the last year.

But that’s not the end. With the Covid situation arising in March, we’ve added another option – the donation to Siepomaga Foundation that helps to fight the pandemic through medical support. Again, we didn’t have to wait long for the response and since March, we’ve transferred another 2 500 PLN. Yeah!

2. Fitnetizr #charity #eco #wellbeing

Fitnetizr is our internal program to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. It includes several activities and some of them also aim to support charity.

Kilomatters Challenge
During the summer, we had a running and biking challenge. The goal was to achieve altogether 25 000 km and once reached, celebrate it with 5 000 PLN donation. After burning over one million calories, we made it! With record-holders of 665 km running and 3125 km biking.

Alternative commuting
We encourage people to choose environmentally friendly means of transport. Before the pandemic, few electric scooters were bought and made available for booking. We’ve also had series of webinars on bike-related topics and taken care of our bikes by making professional check-in organized by the company.

Online training
Spending more time at home doesn’t make it easier to stay fit. That’s why three times a week we’re having dedicated online training for the whole company. These short sessions remind us to take a break and make some moves to get the blood flowing.
Healthy body, healthy mind!

3. Sustainability Changemakers Program #sustainability

In March last year, we started an internal program called Sustainability Changemakers and recruited fifteen people across all Schibsted locations. This group worked on several topics including circular consumption, diversity, and responsible investments. The program will continue this year with new members, and new challenges.

For other employees willing to increase their awareness on the sustainability topics there is a dedicated section in our Learning Lab platform – Schibsted’s internal resource for knowledge sharing, training, and development. 

4. Future of Work project #sustainability #eco

Schibsted workplace is no longer just an office – it is a total ecosystem encompassing anywhere we work together. And we’re going to support future work styles further with a more sustainable approach in terms of workspace, business travels, and remote cooperation.

5. Mental health program #wellbeing 

These days the work-life balance, as well as mental health, can easily get disrupted. That’s why we’ve introduced a dedicated online platform with psychological support provided by licensed therapists, along with a series of webinars on emotional wellbeing topics.

Also, once a week we’re having Schibsted Recharge – a short online session with a motivational speaker Pellegrino Riccardi, who shows us techniques to get a more positive perspective on life. 

6. Being more #eco

As a company, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to contribute to a mission to make the world a better place. We’ve started an internal slack channel to discuss urgent issues and organize together different initiatives. For example, we got rid of disposal plastic at the office and run an education campaign on waste sorting.

7. Christmas auction #charity

A part of our online Christmas Party was devoted to a charity auction. We had offerings from motocross, shooting, and swimming courses, through handmade items to baked goodies. All in all we managed to collect 6 300 PLN. The company added another 5 000 PLN making the total amount of 11 300 PLN that was transferred to the charity organizations.

Greater purpose

Having a greater purpose in a daily job is critical for any company to thrive and develop. During the year 2020, we’ve not only raised a significant amount of 20 000 PLN but also empowered people to make informed choices and take positive actions. And we’re going to continue this journey in 2021 with even more effort – because everything starts with people who care. And at Schibsted we do.

Project Manager
Published January 19, 2021