Published August 17, 2014

Wants to make Schibsted a technology-focused organization

With background as a top tech executive in Google, the new Chief Technology Officer in Schibsted Media Group wants to make Schibsted a technology-focused organization. 

Rian Liebenberg joined Schibsted Media Group as new CTO in May – and has big ambitions for how technology shall enable and reinforce the digital transformation media companies are in the middle of.

Today – August 18th – he visits Schibsted Tech Polska (STP) in Krakow for the first time to learn more about how we work. With 14 different Schibsted companies as partners, STP is becoming one of the biggest technological environments in our group.

Video interview

Here is a video interview that was done with Rian Liebenberg when he joined Schibsted Media Group as new CTO in May. In the interview he explains his background and ambitions for Schibsted. He is interviewed by Lena Samuelsson, Schibsted´s EVP for Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Liebenberg says that it is impossible to spend any time in Scandinavia without becoming familiar with Schibsted´s brands.

“What was unknown to me was the sheer size and magnitude of the operation”, he says.

Technology-focused organization

“I hope that we in my travel with Schibsted can create a very technology-focused organization that really enables and empowers content to be consumed, accessed and digested, shared, revisited on a very regular basis all over the world”, he adds.

We welcome Rian Liebenberg to Schibsted Tech Polska in Krakow today – and hope his visit will be great inspiration for what we can achieve together.

Published August 17, 2014