Project Manager
Published June 14, 2018

Spring event – fun and professional activities

We’ve met halfway to celebrate the spring season in the beautiful natural surroundings, and to have fun together!

Spring Event is the biggest joint event of the year for employees from both locations in Krakow and Gdańsk. The event took place in Hotel Narvil Conference & Spa, in Serock. The hotel is located on discreet and peaceful green surroundings, exactly the halfway distance from Krakow to Gdańsk office. Together with its advanced technological solutions, it made a perfect choice for the event.

Internet-themed event

The main idea of the Internet-themed event was to get an open, connected and innovative community of Schibsted employees and let them socialize and party in their own natural environment. The topic was introduced and conducted in a funny, accessible way – through the iconic memes, popular emojis and other famous Internet phenomena often used by software engineers in their day-to-day communication. This way the company wanted to show that it understands its employees and that we all speak the same language – we are a team. This was the event trailer:


The conference

It has already become a tradition deeply rooted in the company culture that the morning part of the event is the conference. Professional keynote speakers together with our software engineers shared their knowledge about the hot industry trends and some motivational tips for self-improvement.


Katarzyna Kowalczyk, Country Manager Schibsted Tech Polska is opening the conference

The Global Keynote Speaker Bård Brænde was talking about how to become the best team in the world. The main conclusion – being a part of the best team is actually a choice. Bård explained how the root and layers of this decision affect us every day.

The second speaker was Anniken Ore Larssen, Technology Trend Analyst at Schibsted. Anniken told us about the Future User Interfaces like voice and augmented reality, together with the opportunities and challenges it creates.

Anniken Ore Larssen, Technology Trend Analyst at Schibsted

The second part of the conference was held by our employees. There was a live recording of Schibsted Beyond the code podcast episode lead by Communication Specialist Robert Fijałkowski. Together with his guests: Mark Pasternak, Head of Engineering and Software Engineers Joanna Derks and Artur Glier they were discussing the pros and cons of working in a distributed or remote team.

From the left: Artur Glier, Mark Pasternak, Joanna Derks, Robert Fijałkowski

The last part of the conference was devoted to the Hottest Tech Trends. In four technology blocks, our Software Engineers were sharing their knowledge from the fields of their expertise.

Front End block was represented by Mateusz Titz, Łukasz Blacha, Przemysław Potocki. About the Back End trends, we heard from Marcin Godyń and Maciej Kosiedowski. Mobile tech trends were introduced by Damian Petla and Michał Apanowicz. And finally, UX trends was brought by Magdalena Górecka and Karolina Kaszuba.

UX Designers Karolina Kaszuba and Magdalena Górecka


Mateusz Titz, Frontend Developer


Engaging activities

After the conference, there was a fun time. Meme-based and team-oriented attractions made it easier for people to connect, as well as fuel their minds with creative ideas and inspirations. 

Orkas from Majorkas – water attractions with motorboats and scooters


Typical Mirek Challenge – cars tuning competition


Texas Ranger – krav maga workshops


Make a sushi with Cat Pusheen – outdoor sushi workshops


You shall not pass – escape room


I just wanna make you sweat – bumper ball football

STP Awards

Over the years STP Awards became an integral part of the Spring Event. This year we’ve introduced the new format but with the same goal in mind – appreciate the efforts of extraordinary people in the company. Few weeks before the STP Awards Ceremony we were running open nominations. Everyone in the company could nominate his or her colleague with a short explanation of how this person stood out. This year there were 7 categories: STP Mentor, STP Best Team Leader, STP Ambassador, STP Best Friend, STP Culture Builder, STP Best Blogger and a special category STP Influencer.

John Einar Sandvand, Communications Manager – STP Influencer

All winners on stage


Project S party

After the awards, we kept the energy high by throwing the Project S party. The main idea was based on 2012 American comedy Project X – American style high school students house party, just like the crazy parties from famous American IT startup stories. The scenography was related to the main topic of the event using a computer and Internet-related items and large meme decorations. The party was rocked by energetic DJ, who managed to attract the crowds on the dance floor immediately after the party has started.


Project Manager
Published June 14, 2018