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Paweł Szonecki
Written by Paweł Szonecki
Employer Branding Specialist Kraków
Published April 20, 2022

Meet the Admarket Team at Schibsted!

Admarket – the simplest and quickest way for advertisers to reach the Nordic population.

Admarket is all about supporting the vision of making it easier to purchase advertising. It is also the platform where advertisers can take back control of their campaigns – through insights and tools for campaign optimisation.

Advertisers using Admarket get full access to all the premium inventory that some of Sweden’s and Norway’s most well-known websites have to offer. No matter what audience you want to reach, you can achieve your marketing goals in Admarket – in just a few clicks.

The value for advertisers is obvious, but the self-serve platform also helps Schibsted as a whole to serve our customers in a more efficient manner. Therefore, we can expect a lot of things to happen in Admarket in the future.

The team

The Admarket dev team consists of five front-end engineers (Dawid, Krzysiek, Kamil, Bartek and Piotr) and an engineering manager (Artur) working together in Cracow. We are in close cooperation with two product managers (Patrik and Solveig), UI/UX Designers and the UX Quality Assurance team, all located in Stockholm and Oslo. Despite the distance, we meet almost every day. Whenever it is possible, we also like to see each other in person, not only for work but also for fun.

In our daily work, we use Jira for tasks and GitHub Enterprise as a code management tool. When it comes to running projects, we opt for Agile, mainly Scrum, with some practices adopted from Kanban. All of this allows us to focus on what we like the most – coding!

Tech stack

Most of the Admarket features are implemented in JavaScript as it is a user-facing product. Our stack is all the way React with a companion of the latest libraries (React Query, Formik or React Testing Library) and tools (Webpack, TypeScript, Travis). This does not mean that we do not have any backend code. One of the services worth mentioning is GraphQL API for user preferences, written in Prisma and Nexus, which we are very proud of.

All applications are launched in an AWS cloud via EC2 instance of Docker containers. We are happy to have dedicated DevOps support whenever we need it. Moreover, 2022 brings new tech challenges, as our main goal is to adjust the codebase to a new long-term strategy. We are looking forward to this as there will be many opportunities to experiment with new technologies (Turborepo, Webpack Module Federation, and more).

Every day we are trying to improve our ad products by experimenting and innovating to deliver even better and more engaging ad inventory.

Written by Paweł Szonecki
Employer Branding Specialist Kraków
Published April 20, 2022