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Published October 9, 2023

Innovations at PTX festival: Meet the Hackday winners


Photo from PTX Festival 2023 (Product, Tech, and UX) taken at the main hub at Schibsted Tech Polska in Krakow, Poland.

We’re thrilled to wrap up this year’s three-day PTX festival at Schibsted, where we brought together product, tech, and UX enthusiasts from five different countries for an unforgettable experience.

With hundreds of creative minds in attendance, the festival celebrated the spirit of teamwork and collaboration that unites the Schibsted family. This year marked the 29th edition of our Hackday, with over 50 teams participating.

The festival featured a full day of inspiration where we had the privilege of listening to world-class speakers and sharing our collective passion for technology and innovation. On day two, we delved into our nerdy side during Hackday. We embarked on dream projects, tackled specific problems, and brainstormed countless new ideas.

The festival concluded with an entertaining demo session, during which teams presented their hacks and products. The audience even had the opportunity to cast their votes in the following categories:

  • Most Useful Hack
  • Most Creative Hack
  • Most Entertaining Presentation

Allow us to introduce you to the team that not only won the hearts of the audience but also claimed victory in two categories: Most Useful Hack and Most Creative Hack.

Meet the winners: “Social Media Clip Generator”

Team “Social Media Clip Generator” with Konrad Pietrzkiewicz, Bartosz Gardoń, and Michał Matoga

Congratulations to the team on their well-deserved wins!

Can you briefly tell us about your idea, Social Media Clip Generator?
“The Social Media Clip Generator is the result of integrating several AI models to automate the creation of bite-size clips from longer videos. The process involves several steps. First, we employ a speech-to-text model (OpenAI Whisper) to generate subtitles based on the audio content of a video. Next, we feed this data into GPT-4 LLM, prompting it to produce chapters describing what’s happening in the video. The third step involves providing chapter timestamps and the original video to another AI model (Cloudinary), which generates content-aware vertical clips. Finally, we upload these clips into our system and link them to the original video.”

Can we expect to see this hack become a reality in the near future?
“While there is a considerable gap between the proof-of-concept developed during the hack day and a fully shaped product that our journalists can use, we are enthusiastic about further development as long as our stakeholders express interest in this feature set.”

What led to the three of you working together on this project?
“We had conceived the idea some time ago and decided it would be a perfect fit for a hack day project. When the day arrived, it felt natural for us to collaborate and bring our idea to life.”

What can we expect from your team next time?
“We’ll definitely keep an eye on new developments at the intersection between AI and video technologies. This area is moving so fast at this moment that it’s really hard to speculate. Maybe it’s going to be too early to really play around with text-to-video AI models next time. But then again who would have predicted Chat-GPT being what it is now even 2 years ago?”

How did you find this edition of the PTX festival?
“We had an incredible time during both the inspiration day and the hack day itself. We believe that the event keeps getting better with each iteration, and we can hardly wait for the next edition.”

What makes Hackday so special for you?
“The essence of Hackday lies in the almost poetic feeling of witnessing something entirely new and functional emerge from seemingly disconnected pieces of technology. The challenge of working within tight time constraints adds to the fun, making it a truly remarkable experience.”

Thank you, Bartosz, Konrad, and Michał. And congratulations once again!

Innovation, collaboration, and creativity were at the heart of this year’s PTX festival, exemplified by the outstanding work of the Social Media Clip Generator team. We’re excited to see how this project evolves and what the future holds for the tech community at Schibsted.

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