Published October 30, 2014

Here is the Schibsted Tech Polska cake parade!

Cake celebrations in Schibsted Tech Polska

We love to celebrate in Schibsted Tech Polska! And for each completed project the cakes get more innovative.

By John Einar Sandvand

The mails to all employees are starting to be familiar:

“There will be cake in the kitchen to celebrate the completion of the XXX  project. You are all welcome”

So we gather again – each time more impressed by the creativity of the bakery.  And the taste of the cakes? Sweet, sweet – as the successful completion of a project should be 🙂

The 2014 Schibsted Tech Polska cake parade

So why not invite you for an informal tour through the project celebration cakes so far this year?

Together they give a nice overview of the diversity of the work we do for our different partners in Schibsted Tech Polska.

Or maybe we should start calling ourself Schibsted Cake Polska? – fashion site for Aftonbladet

The TheYouWay cake: Pink and high heels!

The TheYouWay cake: Pink love and high heels!

Aftonbladet – Sweden´s biggest news site – launched in March the fashion site  The site aggregates fashion products from more than 4000 brands.  Most of the technical development was done by Aftonbladet´s team in Krakow.

 Min Mote – fashion site from VG

Fashion programmers celebrate fashion site:

Fashion programmers celebrate fashion site:

Also Norway´s largest news site – VG – also developed a fashion site in Schibsted Tech Polska: Min Mote (My fashion).  The project celebration took place in May. – city guide from Fædrelandsvennen The cake half eaten before the photographer reacted! The cake half eaten before the photographer reacted!

The first big product from the Fædrelandsvennen team was KRSBy – a digital city guide targeted at young people in the the southern Norwegian city Kristiansand. The mobile version was launched in June.

Svenska Dagbladet: Two projects in one


Cake efficiency the Swedish way: Two projects in one cake 🙂

Svenska Dagbladet´s small team in Schibsted Tech Polska celebrated two results in one cake: A “Social Dashboard” telling editors how article are doing in social media Infopeek, a system to tag companies on the website and automatically link the name to stock prices.

Aftonbladet: Election compass

Aftonbladet Election Compass: Voting for the best cake?

Aftonbladet Election Compass: Voting for the best cake?

Elections were approaching in Sweden – and in July Aftonbladet finished the election compass project – to help readers find the best political party to vote for.

New video platform from VGTV

VGTV: Cake for the future

VGTV: Cake for the future

Half a million video views per day gave no room for error when a new video platform for Norway´s largest news site was launched in August.

Finn migrated its CRM solution

Finn_CRM-2 Making the ultimate CRM cake!

In September the team for Finn – Norway´s leading classified ads site – completed a successful migration of its Customer Relations Management (CRM) solution to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

Integrating Aftenposten with SpID


Paying the cake with SPiD?

Two of our teams – SPiD and SND Circulation – joined forces to integrate Aftenposten with the SPiD payment system.

Schibsted Security app


Schibsed Security: Absolutely safe cake!

The SEALs team in Gdansk delivered its first project in September – a security application for the headquarters in Schibsted Media Group.

Rose – ad system for VG


VG Rose: Flower power!

Rose 2.0 is an ad booking system for VG. It is used to book ad placements on all VG´s websites.

Traffic app from Stavanger Aftenblad


Traffic app – with its ups and downs, as in real life

In the Norwegian city Stavanger rush traffic problems are common. A new mobile app developed in Krakow makes it easy for users to alert each other about traffic jams.

Escenic migration for Polaris


Cake to inspire CMS enthusiasts

Polaris Media, owning the regional newspaper Adresseavisen and a number of other media houses,  upgraded its Content Management System to Escenic 5.7.

New app for Aftonbladet´s Viktklubb

Celebrating weight loss app with cake? Oh, yes!

Celebrating weight loss app with cake? Oh, yes!

New mobile applications were launched for Aftonbladet´s Viktklubb – both for IOS and Android phones.  Viktklubb is a service helping Swedes to lose weight.

Horse racing app from Aftonbladet

Horse cake!

Horse cake!

Aftonbladet also developed a special app for horse racing, giving users tips and statistics and help with placing the best bets.

Distribution Innovation integration project

Integration cake for Distribution Innovation and Stavanger Aftenblad

Integration cake for Distribution Innovation and Stavanger Aftenblad

Distribution Innovation is one of the newest partners in Schibsted Tech Polska.  In November it celebrated moving all the subscribers of the Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper to its CRM related software DI Balancer.

Esport from Aftonbladet

Digital sports cake?

Digital sports cake

Aftonbladet launched its E-sport project – a blogging and content platform for editorial teams.

Omni birthday party

Omni - celebrating themselves

Omni – celebrating themselves

Our partner Omni invited to birthday party – celebrating their award-winning news application.  Because: “Omni brings you Sweden´s most complete news experience. Always with our readers in focus we gather all news and media perspectives in one sleek app for iPhone, Android and on the web”.

Event Engine 2.0 project release celebration cake

Event Engine 2.0 project release celebration cake

Schibsted Norge Digital Editorial Team developed scalable event engine for city guides that serves city of Kristiansand and in a near future will also work for Stavanger. 

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Published October 30, 2014