Written by Katarzyna Schierle
Talent Acquisition Specialist Kraków
Published June 18, 2021

FINN.no Integrations – going step further

Every Norwegian surfs through 15 billion web pages every year on FINN.no. Want to know how we serve the Norwegian people updated content from more than 5000 professional customers?

We have an established solution where more than 70 different partners transferring classified ad data from more than 5000 professional customers to FINN every day. With this solution customers can create, change and stop their classified ads, and purchase different effect products in our system. This has made FINN.no the number one go-to market place as well as one of the strongest brands in Norway. Needless to say these integrations have a central part of our total system and are part of our core business solution. 

Taking the professional customer journey and tech out of the 2000s. 

Today, the integration is just a simple one-way communication based on technology from the beginning of the 2000s. Tomorrow’s solution will require a completely different type of communication and integrations with our providers and systems. We want to enhance the user experience for these professional customers and the first course of action is to establish a new team responsible for professional customer journey. This is where you come in along with many other core teams in FINN.

What is tomorrow’s integration solution?

Actually, we have not decided what this system will be like, this will be the team’s mission to find out. The team will deep dive into the needs of our customers and 3 party providers. To mention a few opportunities to improve the professional customer journey: two-way communication for classifieds data, product selection and conversion, classified ad administration and statistics.

The Tech stack at FINN.no is pretty cool

FINN.no has over 30,000,000 page views in the course of a day. It creates a challenge, considering the fact that FINN’s work culture puts a big emphasis on innovation. All functionality is delivered from a platform based on microservices.

We believe in Domain Driven Design and Microservice Architecture. We have more than 800 microservices, where we use Kafka sending events between them. Our 150 developers ship code to production more than 1800 times a week. We have a poly-cloud policy with most of our services running in GCP, some in AWS. 

Most of the codebases are written in Java or Kotlin, but Haskell and Scala are also used diligently. The frontend structure is modeled around modular code, with its own style guide and CSS framework. Node.js and React are also used.

Do you like freedom in your work life?

We have that. Our distributed platform gives our teams autonomy in choosing their own stack to reach the goals set for them, though it should be mentioned that we are mostly a Java and affiliates shop.

One of our success factors is to deliver fast to the marketplaces. We ship early and often and have an excellent deployment stack where CI/CD is easy. Teams ship and run their own code following DevOps practices. 

We have a huge technical in-house unit in the company with almost 200 people in the Tech department. Around 150 developers here are working in cross-functional teams together with UX and product owners. FINN has always used agile methodologies throughout the years.  Most of our tech teams follow a Kanban or Radical Focus as a methodology.

About our company FINN.no

FINN.no is one of Norway’s strongest brands and gathers several online marketplaces at one place. You can buy second hand goods, cars and boats from peers, as well as finding a new job or a new house. Every Norwegian spends more than 30 hours on FINN.no and surfs through 15 billion of our web pages every year.

Our mission is to help people make smarter choices both for themselves and society. We are now looking for software engineers for our integration team to help us succeed with the professional customer journey.

Come and join us on this journey from the 2000s and into tomorrow

We are very excited about our collaboration with Schibsted Tech Polska and to get new colleagues in Poland. We hope you are excited to apply to our company and to be a part of our integration team.

Written by Katarzyna Schierle
Talent Acquisition Specialist Kraków
Published June 18, 2021