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Published October 8, 2019

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Don’t miss our meetup to talk about the best programming practices and have a beer with other like-minded people.

The meetup will take place on 24th October in Kraków at Schibsted Tech Polska office on Armii Krajowej 28. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

17:30 Registration pizza & drinks
18:00 Presentations
The evolution from DevOps Team to DevOps Culture
Good practices, bad practices, worst practices – DevOps A.D. 2019
19:30 Networking & drinks
Please note that the event will be held in Polish.

The evolution from DevOps Team to DevOps Culture
Radosław Lisowski, Software Engineer at Schibsted Polska

DevOps is a quite controversial term which sometimes is misused. Even though the overall idea of “DevOps” is great, we can see that Ops and Infrastructure part of it has taken over this area. The issue is that Ops and Infrastructure is just the beginning of the “DevOps journey”. Let me take you to the journey of my team evolving from DevOps(team)-dependent to DevOps-cultured-team.

Good practices, bad practices, worst practices – DevOps A.D. 2019
Kacper Dąbrowski and Piotr Kuśnierzowski, Software Engineers at SingleBit

What have we learned as engineers over the last decade? What mistakes have we made in our DevOps activities? Are words such as “monolith” are still hard to swallow, and is the microservice paradigm seems the only right one? Does Kubernetes solve every problem, and if so, how and why?

The event is organized with the cooperation with engineers from SingleBit and Buddy, you can read more about the companies below.

About SingleBit
SingleBit is a company founded by enthusiasts of software engineering who have been supporting the digital transformation of organizations for years – from startups to enterprise-class companies. The overarching goal that stands abroad is to promote a healthy DevOps culture using the most pragmatic means possible.

About Buddy
Buddy is a Polish tech company providing new generation software that automates software development processes. In 2015, the company created a platform that has become one of the leading tools related to Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment issues. In 2019, over 10,000 users use the platform every day.

About Tech Talks
Tech Talks is a series of free meetups and workshops for software engineers powered by Schibsted Polska. Our mission is to create a space for software engineers to share knowledge, exchange experience and meet like-minded people.

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Project Manager
Published October 8, 2019