Published July 5, 2013

100% Sport by STP

In June 2013 Schibsted released the “100% Sport” solution. A substantial part of the development took place in STP Krakow office. The project aim was to provide a source of sport-related news and statistics for several web portals. Work included: news API providing articles, statistics database and API that makes available statistics data, front-end for news and stats presentation and back-end CMS for statistics data management.

100% Sport is now available on many Norwegian publications including Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende and Fædrelandsvennen. Readers can browse through articles, games results and fixtures, players profiles and many more statistics for main European football leagues and other sports as well.

Front-end part of 100%Sport was designed in accordance with responsive design paradigm to allow for one solution serving many platforms & devices. The backbone of the solution is common Schibsted API (SND API), designed and implemented as hypermedia driven RESTful with XML and JSON data format used.

The biggest challenges were responsive design that is not so often used yet in news portals and development of the common API that will be easy and ready to use in several different front-end implementations.


Published July 5, 2013