Published November 9, 2020

Web Talks by AWS User Group & Schibsted

Check out the recordings of the Web Talks by AWS User Group #50, made with Schibsted!

Before you watch the recording, take a moment to look which topics were covered during the 50th edition of AWS User Group Kraków meeting and meet the brave speakers of this event:

“Lambda@Edge backed by Terraform” by Filip Golonka.

While Lambda@Edge was announced in 2017, it is still not that widely used. In the presentation, I’d like to talk a bit about how we use it in Schibsted. The presentation will consist also of some Terraform code snippets (cause in Schibsted we ❤ Terraform).

About Filip: Software Engineer with a strong DevOps mindset. Practicing AWS for 6 years. Automation madcap, new technologies enthusiast, Agile believer.

“How to test (server)less” by Ozan Berk Onal & Michał Szkarłat

Are you thinking about how to test your AWS resources like lambda, sqs, dynamo or more? Have you ever think of building lambda function to test your AWS resources? Did you think about the challenges like vpc and security groups? We may share our struggles with you and try to give you an idea for this journey?

We were talking about:

· Creating test environments for serverless applications.

· Dealing with security groups and policies.

· How we build an automation flow of end-to-end tests?

· Running integration and e2e test suite inside the cloud.

Ozan Berk Onal: I have been working as a QA Engineer since 2015. I have developed automation projects for UI, API and E2E. I am passionate about automation tests. I have been developing my projects using Java since 2017 before that I have worked with Ruby and Python. Currently, I am struggling with test on AWS. During my free time, I love reading European Classics books mostly Russian literature, drinking beers. I am also passionate about traveling and nature.

Michał Szkarłat: I am a computer science student, who started working with cloud solutions over a year ago. The desire to new technologies led me directly into centre of cloud engineering, where I began my journey as a Software Developer in Test.

Here is the recording. Enjoy!