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Published July 4, 2017

Hottest tech events in Tricity this month

Are you ready for another batch of top tech events in the city? No matter if you are a novelty-seeker or not, it’s good to go out of your comfort zone from time to time. So go out and explore!

Tech.3camp #41

Type: meetup
For who: Frontend developers
Why it’s cool: Learn about best practices from companies like LPP, Get Response or Spartez. You can expect topics related to constraint validation in HTML5, Progressive Web Apps, ReactJS, CSS Grid Layout and others – join and find out!
Where: Gdański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, Trzy lipy 3, Gdańsk

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Python Hacking

Type: programming sessions
For who: Python developers
Why it’s cool: During 2-3 hours sessions, you will have a chance to experiment with Python together with other hackers. Write web apps in 5 different frameworks: Django, Flask, Falcon, CherryPy and Pyramid. Compare, learn and have fun!
Where: Hackerspace Trójmiasto, Grunwaldzka 4/3, Gdańsk

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CodeSkill #9

Type: free workshops
For who: Programmers
Why it’s cool: Enjoy the great variety of the event: talks, live coding, fuck up time and networking. All of that squeezed into few hours. Spend your time wisely and sign up. However, be aware that there is a homework to do!
Where: Gdański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, Trzy lipy 3, Gdańsk

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Open Source Spree with Scala Center

Type: meetup
For who: Scala enthusiasts
Why it’s cool: It’s a part of ScalaWave conference and it’s for free! Ever wanted to contribute to Open Source, but never had the chance? Now you do! Use Scala in practice, meet other developers, share insights and work together – more heads are better than one.
Where: Olivia Business Centre, Olivia FOUR, Grunwaldzka 472a, Gdańsk

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Type: meetup
For who: Javascript enthusiasts
Why it’s cool: Learning JavaScript will prepare you to work with any browser, and build full-stack apps that people can use around the world. Join the project and the dedicated slack channel to stay in touch with other hackers.
Where: Hackerspace Trójmiasto, Grunwaldzka 4/3, Gdańsk

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Pssst… if you have an idea for a meetup we would love to hear from you! Just shoot a message to or simply write a comment below and be sure we will get back to you.

Project Manager
Published July 4, 2017