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Published February 5, 2018

Top tech events in Tricity in February

Don’t know what to do during those winter days? How about learning something new and meeting interesting people?

Combine the useful with the pleasant and check out our list of selected tech events in February.

Strefa UX: Designer Journey, from zero to UX hero

Date: 6 Feb, 6 pmstrefa-startup-gdynia
: free meetup
For who: UX designers
What will you learn: You will get a dose of practical knowledge and inspiration that will help you build your own Designer Journey. And you will meet one of our designers, Magda who is a speaker!
Where: Pomorski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny

Start your UX journey


Tech.3camp #45

Date: 6 Feb, 6 pm3camp
Type: free meetup
For who: mobile enthusiasts
What will you learn: mobile technologies for business, pros and cons of using GPS module, CI/CD for mobile, introduction to Kotlin and how it can be used in practice.
Where: O4 Coworking

Go mobile


Design Thinking for beginners

Date: 7 Feb, 5 pmstrefa-startup-gdynia
Type: free meetup
For who: students
What will you learn: tools used in the design thinking methodology as well as various stages of the design process, from empathizing and prototyping to testing and modifying developed ideas.
Where: Pomorski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny

Design your thoughts


Machine Learning with Andrew Ng

Date: 7 Feb, 6:30 pmhacker-space
Type: free meetup
For who: machine learning enthusiasts who take Machine Learning course on Coursera
What will you do: study the most important Machine Learning algorithms, discuss the course material, share thoughts, clear doubts, and support one another in the journey to the greatness.
Where: Hacker:space Trójmiasto

Dive into Machine Learning world


SysOps / DevOps Gdańsk MeetUp #2

Date: 15 Feb, 6 pmsodo
Type: free meetup
For who: DevOps engineers
What will you learn: Windows in Continuous Integration system and Infrastructure as Code – how to automate existing environments.
WhereHacker:space Trójmiasto

Hack the planet


Pssst… if you have an idea for a meetup we would love to hear from you! Just shoot a message to or simply write a comment below and be sure we will get back to you.

Project Manager
Published February 5, 2018