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Published January 11, 2018

Top tech events in Krakow to kick off the year

With the start of a brand new year ahead we’ve selected top tech events to help you kick-start a prosperous year. Maybe this year you’ll learn a new programming language?

Hope this short guide will bring you new motivation and help you to stay on top of the game.


Panelownia #4: UX w e-commerce

Date: 11 Jan, 7 pm
Type: free meetup
For who: UX designers
What will you learn: Good practices while designing e-commerce interface: why clients lose patience and drop their baskets? Is the rule of three-click still true? Find out during three presentations followed by pizza.
Where: Pauza in Garden

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DataKRK #26: Online incremental learning on streams

Date: 16 Jan, 6 pm
Type: free meetup
For who: Big Data enthusiasts
What will you learn: Stream Mining approach: how to deal with distribution changes in streams, how to keep past data distribution with low CPU/memory footprint, how to build online classifiers on data streams.
Where: ABB Software Development Center

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IT Akademia j-labs | Vladimir Alekseichenko: Programista 2.0

Date: 16 Jan, 6:15 pm
Type: free meetup
For who: Machine Learning enthusiasts
What will you learn: Who is Programmer 2.0 and what skills should have? The industrial revolution is coming, learn how machine learning can help you understand the future role of robots.
Where: Wydział Fizyki, Astronomii i Informatyki Stosowanej Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego

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SysOps / DevOps Kraków MeetUp #2

Date: 17 Jan, 6 pm
Type: free meetup
For who: software developers
What will you learn: Hardcore Embedded Troubleshooting: implementing and maintaining the operating system on different switches and some info about systemd and its functionality. Meetup will end with delicious pizza.
Where: Klub Re

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AWS User Group PL Meetup #33 – Kraków

Date: 23 Jan, 5 pm
Type: free meetup
For who: Amazon Web Services enthusiasts
What will you learn: DevOps: Transition from dedicated hosting and scaling to 100M UU with AWS, Immutable infrastructure: automate VM template creation using Packer and Ansible, AWS Cloud Cost Audit & Optimization. And of course pizza in the end.
Where: Brainly

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Pssst… if you have an idea for a meetup we would love to hear from you! Just shoot a message to or simply write a comment below and be sure we will get back to you.

Project Manager
Published January 11, 2018