Project Manager
Published July 5, 2017

Hottest tech events in Krakow this month

You know what they say: “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. No matter if it’s true or not, choose your people wisely and most of all – go out and explore!

Hot weather, right people, and cold drinks. Who doesn’t like Summer? Well, we certainly do, that’s why this time we decided to feature a couple of informal meetups. We think that it’s a great chance to meet new people and open up to new opportunities.


#YggCodingChallenge­­ #JavaEdition

Type: tournament
For who: programming fans
Why it’s cool: Did you hear about NIHITO? Well, it’s an abbreviation of Nothing Interesting Is Happening In The Office – so go out and try coding… in a bar! All skills levels are welcome. The tournament starts with a piece of professional presentations. And then comes the coding challenge. Dare to join!
Where: Browar Lubicz, Lubicz 17

Check out the meetup!


Javascript workshops

Type: free workshops
For who: Javascript beginners
Why it’s cool: Learn the basics of Javascript within a weekend! Intense workshops with a bit of theory at the beginning and main practical part. During the course, you will step by step build your own project, with a help of mentors.
Where: Hubraum Krakow, Przemysłowa 12

Learn more about the workshops!


NSBeerUp: informal meeting to talk, eat, drink and smile

Type: networking meetup
For who: Apple enthusiasts
Why it’s cool: This is an informal meeting for Cocoaheads community and other Apple fans in Krakow. You can talk about random programming topics while drinking beer and eating some food. And don’t forget to join Cocoaheads Krakow Slack channel.
Where: Movida Cocktail Bar, Mikołajska 9

Meet other Apple fans!


ALE Kraków BBQ

Type: networking meetup
For who: Agile enthusiasts
Why it’s cool: What can be not cool about the traditional summer edition of ALE Krakow meetup. Pure networking, beers, and hand-baked sausages. Have free discussions about agile, scrum, coaching and in general the IT world. No stress, no time limit – relax and widen your horizons.
Where: Smil’y, Tadeusza Kościuszki 14

Talk Agile on BBQ!


DevOps Meetup #2 at zooplus

Type: meetup
For who: DevOps
Why it’s cool: In short; practical insights from lead engineers, useful tips, beer and pizza. Sounds like a recipe for a good meetup. Check it out!
Where: Zooplus office, Prądnicka 20a

Join the meetup!


Pssst… if you have an idea for a meetup we would love to hear from you! Just shoot a message to or simply write a comment below and be sure we will get back to you.

Project Manager
Published July 5, 2017