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Published August 6, 2018

Top tech events in August

Have you run out of ideas on how to spend your summer time? Here we come with a batch of top tech events in Krakow and Tricity in August!

Hope you’re enjoying those long (and super hot) summer days. For some, it’s a good opportunity to relax, spend time with close ones or practice a hobby. As a company, we think that work-life balance is truly important that’s why we encourage and support our employees to develop their passions. Eventually, man does not live by code alone.

However, if you are one of those restless who is always eager for more, we’ve got you covered too. We’ve carefully selected top tech events in Krakow and Tricity that might get your interest.

So go out, explore and don’t forget to have fun!

SQL Training basics | Kraków

Date: 13th of August, 5:30 pm
Type: free workshops
For who: software developers
What will you learn: during the three-hour workshop you will learn how to effectively manage databases, specifically you will get to know the key concepts, database relations, functions, and operators. After the training, you will be able to add, delete and edit the data in the database all by yourself!
WhereSchibsted Tech Polska HQ

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Inaugural Cardano Meetup | Kraków

Date: 16th of August, 6:30 pm
Type: free meetup
For who: cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts
What will you learn: you will learn about Cardano, which is a distributed computing platform that runs the blockchain for the Ada cryptocurrency. The guest speaker Duncan Coutts is a well-known member of the Haskell community, an experienced speaker, and Oxford University alumni.
Where: Stara Zajezdnia Kraków

Digital UX Workshops | Kraków

Date: 21st of August, 5 pm
Type: free workshops
For who: UX Designers wannabe
What will you learn: basically you will learn how the daily work of UX Designer looks like and the key principles of creating software that responds to real users’ needs on the example of a mobile banking application.
Where: ul. Cystersów 20 A

Functional Tricity #13 | Gdańsk

Date: 23rd August, 6 pm
Type: meetup
For who: Haskell enthusiasts
What will you learn: Optics in Haskell – basic kind of optics and what they mean. Observables as another way to handle asynchronicity in JS, different types, where you can use them and how to benefit from it.
Where: Czesława Miłosza 9/9, Gdańsk

HTML & CSS Workshops | Gdańsk

Date: 29th August, 5:30 pm
Type: free workshops
For who: frontend developers wannabe
What will you learn: The very basics of frontend development, how the websites work, what is HTML and CSS, building your own portfolio.
Where: Olivia Business Center, Gdańsk

Bitcoin Meetup: Giacomo Zucco | Kraków

Date: 30th of August, 6 pm
Type: free meetup
For who: Bitcoin enthusiasts
What will you learn: The guest speaker Giacomo Zucco is an Italian Bitcoin maximalist and blockchain consultant. He provides consulting to businesses on why they should not attempt to integrate blockchain into their business model.
Where: Artefakt Cafe

Events are great for learning new things and meeting like-minded people. Hope this short guide will help you to navigate in the jungle of events.

Project Manager
Published August 6, 2018