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Published June 1, 2017

Top 5 tech events in Tricity you can’t miss this June

It’s easy to get lost when there is so many tech events going on and new ones constantly popping up like mushrooms after the rain. Which ones are worthwhile? We’ve checked it for you!

Below you will find an event compass that will help you to navigate in Tricity jungle of events. Say bye-bye to FOMO and go exploring!


Monoids + Haskell + Welcome summer with FT #7

June 1

Type: free meetupMonoids + Haskell + Welcome summer with FT #7
For who: Haskell enthusiasts
Why it’s cool: All things about Haskell, no Phd required. The complex stuff will be translated into simple programming concepts. Don’t let nasty mathematician bully you again! Come, enjoy the beer and meet awesome people.
Where: Olivia Business Centre

Pick a spot for a free meet up.


Python Basics

June 3-4

Type: free workshops
For who: Python beginners
Why it’s cool: Learn Python basics within a weekend! The workshops will be held in small groups and each of it will have a mentor. Get into coding and understand better IT world.
Where: Olivia Business Centre

Join the free workshops and learn more!


CocoaHeads Tricity #24 – WWDC Keynote + Flash talks

June 5

Type: free meetup
For who: Apple enthusiasts
Why it’s cool: WWDC live-stream for all who want to watch Apple’s Keynote on a big screen together with Cocoaheads – the biggest iOS community. To not mention beer & pizza!
Where: Olivia Sky Club

Check out the WWDC meetup!


Tech Talks Webinar #1
The best of WWDC 2017 – day 1

The day after the WWDC event we’re going to run a webinar, talking about the hottest stuff from the Apple’s event. Don’t miss that one!

Sign up today for the webinar!



4 JUG Academy – Continuous Integration in Practice

June 6

Type: free meetup
For who: Java geeks
Why it’s cool: Learn why continuous delivery is so important and why Jenkins alone is not enough. It’s nothing new but still so many developers forget about it, don’t be one of them!
Where: Olivia Business Centre

Take a part in JUG Academy!


TechSkill #2

June 29

Type: free workshops

For who: IT freaks
Why it’s cool: Mix of exciting presentations and practical workshops. All about new tech, server solutions, computer networks, operating systems and much more.
Grow with tech!

Where: Gdański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny

Learn more about the TechSkill workshops

We hope this bunch of events will help you to learn new things, meet like-minded people and get inspired.

Pssst… if you have an idea for a meetup we would love to hear from you! Just shoot a message to or simply write a comment below and be sure we will get back to you.


Project Manager
Published June 1, 2017