Written by Wojciech Sromek
Published March 2, 2016

Advertising made smart with the InstaAds tool!

This article is written to get the reader familiar with InstaAds project developed by Stavanger Aftenblad team from Schibsted Tech Polska. Don’t know what that is? Time to see the video!



This is a video of the presentation given during SA_collage5
STP Winter Event in Krynica Zdrój which took place in January 2016.

In the video I give a short summary of the InstaAds solution implemented for Stavanger Aftenblad marketing department.

InstaAds are a new approach to managing online marketing campaigns. It is a tool which allows salespeople to alter campaigns in real-time with virtually no delay; the client is never further away than 5 clicks from having their ad visible on any site that uses our widget.

The presentation goes over the problem shown by our client and the approach we decided on during development process. It introduces the technical aspect as well as the problems we had to solve while working on it.

After watching the presentation you will know:

  • what is the main idea behind the solution
  • what were the main goals our client wanted to achieve
  • what infrastructure was used
  • what tools and programming languages were used
  • and hopefully more 🙂

See the slides




Wojciech Sromek is a Software Engineer at Schibsted Tech Polska. He works for a Norwegian daily newspaper. The team is located in the office in Krakow.

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Written by Wojciech Sromek
Published March 2, 2016