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Is Module Federation the future of Front-end development?

Code with us #02 – Kudos list

Welcome to the second episode of the “Code with us” Flutter series. In this episode, we will build together a list of kudos in which every single item is presented as a separated tile with the names of the giver, recipient, and a description. At the very top of the

Flutter Halloween Chart

How to customise chart using charts_flutter package – tutorial In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can customise a bar chart using charts_flutter package. Halloween is around the corner, so let’s create a chart which designs will allude to these event and the end of this tutorial will look like

TypeScript – how to work with implicit and explicit types?

Working with TypeScript can provide many advantages to your codebase, such as improved security or lowering the risk of errors. But it also could create a couple of dilemmas due to its differences compared to static types in other programming languages.