Welcome to the Schibsted Tech Polska Summer Intern Demo 2016

Monday, August 29th at 3 PM in Oslo: Don´t miss the chance for a one hour travel through 10 exciting summer projects at Schibsted Tech Polska.

The summer internship program at Schibsted Tech Polska is growing in popularity. This year 13 summer interns were chosen among almost 300 applicants, all computer science students. Their summer projects give a nice mix of some of the exciting development projects in Schibsted right now.

In many companies, summer interns are given boring maintenance tasks. Not in Schibsted. The computer science students have worked on real development projects for different Schibsted companies and units.

The summer intern demo

Developers, product managers, UX designers and anyone else working for Schibsted is welcome to this year´s summer intern demo:

Monday, August 29th at 3 PM

Schibsted ASA, Apotekergata 10, in the Jamaica meeting room (the big conference room on the ground floor)

You will listen to 10 mini-presentations of 4-5 minutes each – all describing the development project they worked on. Among the projects: New weather app for Pent.no, UX solutions for SPT Identity, a brand new app for Schibsted Norway Lesermarked, the new mobile site for Schibsted.com,  emojis on articles in Bergens Tidende – and more.

Here are all the presentations! We hope to see you next Monday!


Making users feel better

How I applied more accurate UX solutions in the platform built for millions of users.

Weronika Kleemann (22)

SPT Identity


Pent.no REACTivation

Journey to a renewed version of your favourite weather forecast service: Pent.no

Adrian Baran (25)



This or that – ask your trusted advisors

Developing and releasing brand a new iOS application

Patryk Mrukot (21)

Schibsted Norway Lesermarked


How I speeded up the information flow

A simple tool that introduces notifications for the Rose users.

Kamil Lis (22)

SPT Advertising Engineering: Rose


Divide and scale

Working with the team to extract and refine Embla API as a separate service.

Paweł Ćwik (22)

Schibsted Centralen


Thou Shalt Use No Other Programming Language Before JS

Node.js takes the throne of back-end… And so, the Pent.no API must have been rewritten.

Damian Więcek (22)



Express yourself via emojis!

Simple widget for reacting to articles content.

Patryk Zięba (23)

Bergens Tidende


Seeking trends

Web service for the discovery of popular topics in world news

Katarzyna Głąb (22)

SMP Plan3


Beginner front-end developer in devops world

How I set-up development pipe for new Schibsted.com mobile site

Rafał Sojecki (22)

Seals team


Simple. Intuitive. Still blue. The new iOS version of Pent is coming.

How did we manage to create a whole new Swift app with a brand new design based on the new API

Anna Shkarlinska (21), Marcin Mucha (22)


Read more about the summer internship program here