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Summer internship 2020 - Kraków

Java, JavaScript and Android positions waiting for you! Apply before April 14th!

Summer internship in Schibsted

[UPDATE] We changed the application deadline do April 14th, due to Coronavirus outbreak. The whole application process is now ready to be done entirely online.

What do you need to successfully start a career as a software engineer? Professional setup, interesting projects, real tasks, people around you who can help you and help you learn a lot? Well, the good news is that we have a combination of all of those things waiting for you in the 2020 edition of our summer internship.

How does our summer internship program work?

Our internship program is tailored to IT or any other related subject students.

You get a chance to join our company for two months – July and August, get a salary of 4300 PLN gross and have the ability to learn while facing real challenges, working on a modern tech stack and in the distributed teams environment.

Most of our interns stay with us and continue their journey, although nothing is granted, you have to show us you are ready to continue as a fully-fledged junior developer.

What you need to know before applying:

It’s important that you are capable to come to work on a daily basis because remote internship wouldn’t make sense for us. 🙂

We do not expect you to know all technologies – it’s mostly about attitude, passion and being eager to learn new things, combined with a strong basic knowledge that will help you over time.

To keep our principle – #codethatmatters, you can expect to work on real code and develop solutions that will be used by thousands of users, but don’t worry – you will have full mentor support throughout the internship.

Our happy interns from 2019 during trip to Stockholm. This year we are coming to Scandinavia too!

We have 14 spots available for you this year – you can choose from JavaScript (Fullstack/Frontend/Backend) or JVM (Java/Kotlin or Scala) and one Android.

Schibsted is a Scandinavian company and all our products are made in-house. Meet our teams looking for interns:

News Media - CBS

Consumer Business Solutions teams work on selection of tools and services that helps making a previously unknown user a paying subscriber.

News Media - Ads

Good products are essential to be able to offer the best experience for both advertisers and users of our news media applications and websites.

News Media - Editorial

All the newsrooms one one digital product platform, platform for live events, comments system and other platforms supporting journalists.

Data & Tech - Payment

Having a smooth payment option is crucial for all digital business - we have our own card, mobile payments and invoicing systems.

Data & Tech - Privacy

We create tools to let users manage the data they share with Schibsted and making sure their data is safely stored.

Data & Tech - E-tech

E-tech is the global IT company within Schibsted, delivering services, tools and infrastructure to the whole group.

Check out the presentation from our intern!

We couldn’t invite you to our offices, but we still have information to share that can help you get ready for this year’s edition.

First of all, we have decided to enable you applying for 2 weeks more, until April 14th.

The reason behind this decision is that we had to postpone our tests and the online interviews due to the current outbreak situation.

Don’t worry – we are ready to run all steps of the process online, so if the current restrictions are still applicable, the interviews will be done remotely.

We have also prepared a first video in which Magdalena Piłat, Frontend Developer from our Stream team is sharing her experiences from the last year’s internship.

Everything you can expect between clicking “apply button” until the end of your internship is covered here. The presentation is done in Polish:

We have also prepared another video – answering your questions about the future application process:

You can watch Robert & Anastazja talking about:

  • How to design a CV without having sufficient work experience?
  • How do online tests look like?
  • How to prepare for an interview?
  • How the current situation with global outbreak might affect summer internship?

You can find all the information on this one infographic below: