Learning & development

There is only one way to stay on top of things in the challenging tech environment. Keep learning and developing yourself.  In Schibsted Tech Polska we enable you to develop yourself in both technological and soft-skill areas. 

There are three different development approaches available to you in Schibsted Tech Polska. Those include professional trainings ran by external companies, significant training budget which you have full control of, and plenty of employees’ initiatives aimed towards sharing knowledge.

Organized by the company

In-house trainings
In Schibsted Tech Polska we believe that development is a continuous process, that requires organizational support and nourishment. Each year we organize multiple trainings ran by external companies, which cover topics like new frameworks, security, productivity, presentation skills, project management, etc.

Travel Grant
Schibsted Tech Polska is part of a big Scandinavian media group which enables international working abilities. Twice a year there is a window to apply for Travel Grant which gets you additional funding and a free desk to work in a different team abroad for a limited time. It’s a perfect chance to meet fantastic new people and a possibility to try a different working perspective.

Language classes
For everyone interested in perfecting their English skills, there are English classes available during working hours. We hire professional lectors and adjust classes based on skill level and area of interests.

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Organized by you

Flexible training budget
In Schibsted Tech Polska we encourage and support employees to grab all of the opportunities available for their personal growth and up-skilling. By being an STP employee you can manage your own training budget. Books, local technical trainings, international conferences – you name it! In addition to the financial support, we give our employees time to participate without worrying about investing their vacation time on them – everyone has additional off work days to spent for trainings.

Developers Blog
Our blog naturally inlines with the sharing knowledge culture. With a few hundred thousands visits per year, it enables everyone interested a chance to share interesting content with a number of readers and positively impact your personal branding.

Organized by you and your colleagues

Tech Talks
Tech Talks is a series of meetups and workshops for software engineers. So far we organized over dozen frontend, backend and mobile meetups with almost 2000 visitors. But all of this wouldn’t happen without speakers from the company who are willing to share their knowledge and working on their presentation skills.

Tech Jump
Jumping to a new technology is not always easy and requires a lot of time and self-discipline. Tech Jump fixes those issues by encouraging knowledge sharing and enforcing motivation by allowing our employees to work with an informal mentor-mentee program across the whole organization. Our employees individually set goals, best learning methods, and learning scope, knowing that can devote 10% of their time at work to this program.

 Beyond the Code – podcast
We also have our in-house podcast which is the idea of moving our engaging kitchen discussions to the external audience. Each episode covers a different area of soft-skills (“How to give feedback”) or broader technical topics (“Is studying IT worth it?”).


About Schibsted Tech Polska

Schibsted Tech Polska is a programming hub with the Scandinavian work culture. We are focused on creating mobile/web applications and cross-platform systems for the best Scandinavian start-ups & media. Our offices are located in Kraków & Gdańsk. Being a part of a Scandinavian group, our culture is informal. The organizational structure is flat and we try to create a spirit of innovation. In Schibsted Tech Polska you have colleagues in 22 countries. Our products are the results of daily international team work. This creates space for learning, personal development as well as career opportunities.

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Other dimensions of our passion

What brings us together?

Great atmosphere and knowledge sharing always brings us together. It doesn’t matter if it is a team meeting, dinner in the kitchen, a video game in a dedicated playroom or an entertaining evening covered by the team budget – it always ends up with a lot of joy and quality time.



Sportify is part of our strong benefit package aimed towards passionate engineers. It’s financial support for everyone who competes in a favorite sports activity. Whether it is rallying, kitesurfing, paragliding or running, cycling and volleyball, it’s all about exceeding your limits and pushing the bar higher.


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