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Fullstack Engineer


We’re looking for Fullstack Engineer to join our cross-technology team Seals!

Seals Team

SEALS is a team of 20 cross-functional skilled developers. We are working on multiple projects in the technologies focused around Javascript (Typescript).

The projects in SEALS vary a lot. In some projects, the team helps with UX or building the first prototypes of a product. Sometimes we just test business ideas. Other times the team takes on the full projects.  

Currently, the team is involved with 6 different software development projects. 

The biggest project is Aftenposten Junior Skole, a platform to encourage school children to produce and consume content.  A project is being developed from start to end, including contributing our ideas for how the result can be as good as possible.

We need someone who would help us keep our projects healthy once they are publicly available. Your responsibility would be implementing improvements and fixes, but also keep the infrastructure of the project safe and fast. 

Now that we told you a bit more about the team, can you see yourself working with us? Hopefully, your background sounds something like this…

You are engaged rather than an expert with everything. You write clean code and enjoy getting things done. You love your infrastructure. Your professionalism and experience in writing software are valued among your teammates and you enjoy working with them. You are flexible: capable of working alone or in the team.

Your responsibility will be split between:

  • Maintaining already delivered projects (both software and infrastructure wise)
  • Building new projects
  • Building infrastructure for new projects
  • On-call duty (it may occur from time to time)

Technologies that you will be mostly working with:

  • AWS
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • TypeScript

It is an advantage if you have experience with any of  [not prioritized order]:

  • NestJS
  • Convox
  • Databases
  • Serverless
  • Latest ECMAScript standard
  • Typescript
  • Git flow
  • HTTP and REST.
  • GraphQL
  • Functional programming
  • Elasticsearch
  • Docker / Kubernetes
  • Cloud-based solutions (Amazon, Google Cloud)
  • Cloud CI/CD (eg. Travis, CircleCI).
  • Web security
Contact person Patrycja Kobczyk patrycja.kobczyk@schibsted.com
fullstack-engineer-aws-seals Hiring Manager Przemysław Piotr Potocki przemyslaw.potocki@schibsted.com

Our recruitment process - fully online!


Fill out the form and send us your CV - don't forget to mention all the things you are proud of! Once your CV is qualified for the next step of recruitment, you can expect contact from our recruiter.

Recruiter phone call

We are curious to get to know you and thus will ask you a few questions about your experience, motivation and expectations, as well as tell you more about Schibsted and our projects.

Programming task (optional)

Time to show off your practical skills during a home assignment - we don't want to stress you with onsite programming. Every solution is then carefully reviewed by our technical recruiters.

Technical interview

Now let's meet face-to-face and talk about your knowledge and skills - we'll start from reviewing your task and then move forward to more complex topics. Don't forget asking questions too!

Team fit interview

Have a chance to meet the Product or Engineering Manager you will be working with. During this step we'll focus mostly on soft topics - your work style, approach to software development and other.


Usually we need some time to summarise the process and then - yay, the offer is on the table! You have just received the opportunity to join one of our teams and work together with us :)

Our perks


Training budget

Fully flexible. Books, conferences, online courses, you name it.


Social package

Each month you receive benefit points transferrable to tickets, discounts or a prepaid card.


Four extra days off

We’re not minimalist. That’s why you get 4 days more than Polish law requires.



Sometimes you need to do your stuff without being at the office or start a day later thanks to flexible working hours.


Top-notch equipment

Most modern stuff with MacOs or Windows on board & mobile with either Android or iOS.


Home office supplement

Financial support to your home setup to make your WFH more enjoyable and healthy.


In-house trainings

Improve your business, tech & soft skills during working hours


Tech Jump

Mentoring program that helps you to learn completely new frameworks and programming languages.


Mental health support

A voucher for 3 online sessions with a professional therapist and a series of mental health oriented webinars.



Choose the level that suits you and pick up your favorite sports venues.


Medical care

With flexible plans tailored to you or your family.


Electric scooters

We do have our own electric scooters ready to be borrowed for the work commuting.

Life at Schibsted