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Frontend/ FullStack Developer


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  • Come to us and start working in cross-functional teams in the Future Nordic Marketplaces.
  • We build and test out entirely new marketplace concepts for in Norway and for the other Schibsted marketplaces in the Nordics, like Blocket in Sweden and Tori in Finland. We are looking into new areas or brand new ideas within current positions which involve new markets, new business or new technology. To implement our ideas, we invest or collaborate with startups, or start internal projects to build completely new marketplaces. We always work user-focused to find the ultimate goal of helping people make smarter choices for themselves and society.
  • Increased international competition, changing user behaviour and emerging technology constantly keep us on our toes.
  • We are already heavily invested in microservices, data pipelines & eventual consistency, domain-driven design, and we deploy changes to production more than a thousand times every week. We try to maintain a high degree of autonomy in our teams, and they are largely free to choose which technologies are best suited for their tasks.


  • Our web applications are created mainly using JavaScript and TypeScript with React.js or Vue.js. We style it using SASS and CSS modules.
  • We both utilize existing backend systems and create our own APIs.
  • Our backend application is created in Node.js, in some cases, we use MySQL/PostgreSQL.
  • We use Github to manage our code, Travis to build it and Kubernetes (on Google Cloud) to run it.
  • We use Trello or Jira to organize our tasks.
  • Code review is part of our development process.
  • We cooperate very closely with business developers and UX/UI experts.
  • We do not always follow the Scrum process, but we do focus on the communication and process within the team.


  • You have good JavaScript experience and are willing to write TypeScript code.
  • You are familiar with React.js or Vue.js ecosystem.
  • You understand what’s a RESTful API and how to use it.
  • You are not afraid of writing new CSS code.
  • You know how to write Node.js code or you are willing to learn it over time.
  • You are agile and creative. You like to be involved in product development and are not afraid to ask your colleagues when you need help.
  • You communicate well in English, both in writing and orally
  • Experience with writing tests will be an additional advantage.
  • Experience with Java/Kotlin and SQL databases will be an additional advantage.
Contact person Katarzyna Schierle
frontend-fullstack-developer-finn Hiring Manager Lotte Johansen

Our recruitment process - fully online!

Recruiter phone call

We are curious to get to know you and thus will ask you a few questions about your experience, motivation and expectations, as well as tell you more about Schibsted and our projects.

Technical interview

Now let's meet and talk about your knowledge and skills - we'll start from discussing your background/experience and then move forward to more complex topics. Don't forget asking questions too!

Team fit interview

Have a chance to meet the Product or Engineering Manager you will be working with. During this step we'll focus mostly on soft topics - your work style, approach to software development and other.

Career path

Our perks


Yearly bonus

(STI - Short Term Incentive) up to 18% according to seniority level


Tax-deductible costs

50% of tax-deductible costs for IT creators


Training budget

4000 PLN per year that can be used for books, conferences, online courses, you name it


Home office supplement

3000 PLN of financial support to make your WFH more enjoyable and healthy


Social package

400 benefit points (1 point = 1zł) transferrable to tickets, multisport, medical care, or a prepaid card


4 extra days off

We’re not minimalists. That’s why you get 4 days more than Polish law requires


In-house trainings

Improve your business, tech & soft skills during working hours


Tech Jump

Mentoring program that helps you to learn completely new frameworks and programming languages.


Mental health support

A voucher for 3 online sessions with a professional therapist and a series of mental health oriented webinars.



Sometimes you need to do your stuff without being at the office or start a day later thanks to flexible working hours.


Top-notch equipment

Most modern stuff with MacOs or Windows on board & mobile with either Android or iOS.

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