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NWT Media is one of the largest media companies in Sweden, with 16 newspapers including print, site and apps. Every week we serve local news 24/7 to around 700 000 unique visitors.

We work with a modern technology stack based on JavaScript and TypeScript with the use of React, Next.js, and Node.js.

The development department in Karlstad, Sweden includes 8 people: software developers, UX-designer and technical product owners. They work hand in hand with our 5-person team in Gdańsk, focused on developing the news presentation platform. Its purpose is to publish news for websites accessed by both mobile and desktop consumers. The entire team continuously updates the platform with new features and functionalities. As this is an in-house product, we have the comfort of full control of all stages of the software development process and life cycle.

Our main business goal is to increase digital revenues through subscriptions and ads. We also have the ambition to attract more younger readers and to build an overall larger and more loyal digital reader base.

In 2023 we are taking the next step in our long-term roadmap by focusing on personalization and an algorithmic approach around news presentation.


  • You will be leading the GdaĹ„sk team, working together with your colleagues in Karlstad on the development and maintenance of the news presentation platform and newspaper websites
  • While your efforts will be focused on technological outcomes, you will spend some of your time developing and guiding people. Whether the project and team are successful will also depend on your attitude and actions
  • You will be developing and maintaining web-based software solutions using JavaScript and Typescript with Node.js backend in an AWS environment
  • You will work with React.js and Next.js frameworks
  • You will be supporting the collaborative product design process
  • You will have an impact on product performance and future technology choices
  • You will be helping to control personal career goals, assess progress and outcome
  • You will collaborate across the company as a member of the Managers Community
  • You will help nurture collaboration between Schibsted Tech Polska and NWT Media


  • Proficient software engineer with experience and passion for leading people
  • Proactive manager with a positive mindset, who enables the team to achieve their goals through participative leadership and removing roadblocks
  • Very good knowledge of backend development in Node.js using JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Great knowledge of frontend development in React.js and Next.js
  • Experience working with AWS
  • Expertise in distributed team operations
  • Natural networker who builds and maintains relationships with stakeholders
Contact person Anna Gruca

Our recruitment process - fully online!

Recruiter phone call

We are curious to get to know you and thus will ask you a few questions about your experience, motivation and expectations, as well as tell you more about Schibsted and our projects.

Technical interview

Now let's meet and talk about your knowledge and skills - we'll start from discussing your background/experience and then move forward to more complex topics. Don't forget asking questions too!

Team fit interview

Have a chance to meet the Product or Engineering Manager you will be working with. During this step we'll focus mostly on soft topics - your work style, approach to software development and other.

Career path

Our perks


Yearly bonus

(STI - Short Term Incentive) up to 18% according to seniority level


Tax-deductible costs

50% of tax-deductible costs for IT creators


Training budget

4000 PLN per year that can be used for books, conferences, online courses, you name it


Home office supplement

3000 PLN of financial support to make your WFH more enjoyable and healthy


Social package

500 benefit points (1 point = 1zł) transferrable to tickets, multisport, medical care, or a prepaid card


4 extra days off

We’re not minimalists. That’s why you get 4 days more than Polish law requires


In-house trainings

Improve your business, tech & soft skills during working hours


Tech Jump

Mentoring program that helps you to learn completely new frameworks and programming languages.


Mental health support

A voucher for 3 online sessions with a professional therapist and a series of mental health oriented webinars.



Sometimes you need to do your stuff without being at the office or start a day later thanks to flexible working hours.


Top-notch equipment

Most modern stuff with MacOs or Windows on board & mobile with either Android or iOS.

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