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Beyond the Code #09 – Is it worth studying IT?

Important decision for youngsters.

Moving to Olivia Star

It’s the first day on 21st floor in Olivia Star in Gdańsk! Spectacular view is a new addition to the long list of benefits waiting for employees in the Gdańsk offices of Schibsted Tech Polska. We are more than happy to share that we have just moved to the highest

Beyond the Code #08 – A trip to San Jose, California

Our story about a trip to this year’s WWDC 2018.

Beyond the Code #07 – The things you need to start a change

Are you really ready for a change in your IT project?

Beyond the Code #06 – Working in a distributed team

If you work in a big IT company you’re most likely in a distributed team setup. With that comes many challenges and minimizing obvious drawbacks of working across different locations is not an easy task. What is also not easy is recording of podcast live, in front of over 150

Beyond the Code #05 – Try something new

Sometimes, as a software engineer, you need to quickly adapt & learn a new technology or framework. There are many ways of doing so, and we’re analyzing which of them work best.

Beyond the Code #04 – Being an intern

In the fourth episode of Beyond the Code we’re looking at interns & the checklist you should go through before organizing internship in your company.

Summer internship in Schibsted Tech Polska – 2018 Edition – Gdańsk

Starting career as a software engineer? There is not better way than joining our team of passionate engineers & work on code that matters. Read about our summer internship in 2018!

Google I/O Extended Gdańsk 2018

Google I/O Extended

We’re back with Google I/O Extended Gdańsk – the local edition of the most interesting Google Event of the year!

Beyond the Code #03 – I’m a senior developer – what’s next?

Third episode of our Beyond the Code podcast covers topic of career development.

Open Day – come & prepare for the summer internship! – April 12th

Open Day

The gates of our office in Kraków open once again for all IT students eager to taste the feeling of the Scandinavian work culture & complex software development.

What our ex-interns think about the summer internship in STP?

summer internship

Throughout all the five previous editions of the summer internship in Schibsted Tech Polska, a lot of young software engineers gained priceless knowledge, many of them are still working in STP! We’ve take a tour around the office and asked what they were afraid of, what they learnt and what