A Tricity meetup all about Android

Thursday, December 1: The first Android Meetup by Schibsted Tech Polska in Gdansk. It was all about Android by our best developers.

Android developers for Android community

It’s very simple: three of our Android developers decided to share their knowledge and practice they have. More than 60 people came to hear what they had to say at the meetup in the Starter incubator in Gdansk. And of course it was followed by pizza, beer and plenty of detailed discussions about what had been presented.

The presentations

“From Java to Kotlin” by Damian Petla

If you haven’t had a chance to use Kotlin programming language on Android, then this presentation was for you! With the live coding demo, Damian guided the audience on how to configure the environment and also advised on the focus points when moving from Java. He based his experience on two years of working with Kotlin.

“M w (M)V.+” by Iwo Polański 

What is this model so commonly described in architecture? Do we really need the presenter so badly? And are these complex MV.+ frameworks necessary to write stable and easy-to-maintain applications? In this presentation, Iwo Polański took a closer look at writing the Android applications from a different angle.

“Styles of clones” by Michał Kawałko 

Have you ever thought of cloning apps?  In this presentation, Michał Kawałko showed a slightly different approach to managing resources in terms of cloning apps within one project.

Here are photos from the meetup

Damian Petla: From Java to Kotlin

Damian Petla: From Java to Kotlin

Iwo Polański : “M w (M)V.+”

Iwo Polański : “M w (M)V.+”

Michał Kawałko: Styles of clones

Michał Kawałko: Styles of clones

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